Saturday, 4 November 2017

Albertine's Wooers

MOLLY TANZER's long-awaited third novel, Creatures of Will and Temper (HMH/JJA Books), described as a feminist take on 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray,' 'with sword-fighting and demons,' is available for pre-order for mid-December release.

R.B. RUSSELL's first novel She Sleeps (PS Publishing) is 'a murder mystery with a hint of the supernatural.'

From Undertow Publications comes CONRAD WILLIAMS' latest collection, I Will Surround You, described as exploring 'the tangled skein and woven bones of the human condition.' Also shipping are their latest Shadows & Tall Trees and Year's Best Weird Fiction anthologies, edited by HELEN MARSHALL and MICHAEL KELLY.

From Egaeus Press comes the third mini-book in their stylish Keynote Edition Series: The Echo Of The Sea & Other Strange War Stories by PAUL ST JOHN MACKINTOSH, 'featuring four masterfully wrought short stories / which ghosts, Nordic folklore and ancient rituals encroach upon the very practical matters of WWII.'

BRIAN SHOWERS continues his honourable literary excavations with Old Hoggen and Other Adventures by BRAM STOKER (Swan River Press). As well as mystery and black humour, we are also promised 'the creeping intrusion of the supernatural.'

Speaking of the Irish supernatural, Tramp Press are reissuing DOROTHY MACARDLE’s The Unforeseen; first published in 1946, it is the follow-up to The Uninvited,.

Zagava Books latest is quite a bundle, featuring MARK SAMUELS' sixth collection, The Prozess Manifestations, THOMAS PHILLIPS' In This Glass House, ('a tense, aesthetic space between Shirley Jackson and Don DeLillo'), The Sketchbook of Stanislav Szukalski, and a facsimilie of the debut issue of the first fantasy magazine, Der Orchideengarten. (The Orchid Garden, with parallel English text).

Newly reissued by Wakefield Press comes OSCAR SCHMITZ's Hashish, charmingly described as 'a collection of decadent, interwoven tales of Satanism, eroticism, sadism, cannibalism, necrophilia and death,' first published in Germany in 1902.

From their website: 'Wick Press acquired the rights to publish a two-volume anthology of rare ghost stories originally published in 1700s' and 1800s' periodicals. Volume I of The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told will arrive in time for the Ghost Story for Christmas tradition practiced by master of the antiquated ghost story himself, M. R. JAMES.'

Finally, belated mention must be made – for the seventieth anniversary of his death - of The Ghost In The Corner & Other Stories by LORD DUNSANY (Hippocampus Press); the result of editors S.T. JOSHI and MARTIN ANDERSSON unearthing previously unpublished and uncollected works held by the Dunsany Estate. (The non-sword and sorcery tales being of personal interest).

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  1. Slight correction: Dunsany died in 1957, so it was the _sixtieth_ anniversary of his death on October 25, 2017.

    Martin A (yes, I'm one of the editors of the book :) )